Family Memories

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From Mother:

The special memories I have of Bridget are the times I spent visiting her at her house at Kincheloe. I remember all the good times we had and all the wonderful dinners she would fix for me every time I visited her. Bridget always went out of her way in making everything so special for me. She was an excellent cook! I especially remember her homemade lasagna and scalloped potatoes.

Then there was the fun times we had going shopping and getting our hair done together. I remember how Bridget would make a joke about us shopping that when she would pick me up she use to say to me "Mom I got the truck all cleared out do you think we will have enough room for all of our stuff today. " Then she would start laughing. Oh, just to hear that laugh again.

Bridget was also very creative and very good at decorating. I remember one Christmas she made me a huge Christmas basket with pine, pine cones, candles & other decorations that she had added. What an excellent job she had done in making that. Even when she was a little girl she was always creative in doing things.

Another time I remember getting out of the hospital how she had cooked me up some meals so I wouldn't have to do anything at home. She was always so very thoughtful in wanting to help in anyway.

Bridget was a wonderful daughter and a very loving and caring person. I'll always love her and her memory will always be in my heart.

I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake, with which I'll never part. God has you in His keeping; I have you in my heart.

From Brother:

Bridget and I had so many great memories growing up together. I miss her so much, but the one thing that makes the loss easier to deal with is knowing that she had been saved and is in heaven now. Over our lifetime we established a very good relationship and cared a lot about each other.

My 4th Birthday - One of the first memories that I can remember as a child was my 4th birthday. I had woken up and came into the kitchen and she had the entire room decorated up for me. This was also the earliest birthday that I can still remember to this day.

Sesame Street vs. He-Man - After watching sesame street for years she tried to get me to give He-Man a try. Of course I through a fit and got so mad at her for changing the channel on me. Turns out this ended up being one of my favorite shows ever and even bought a set to show my kids one day.

Swimming - She first taught me how to float in our pool outside and later on how to swim at Audra.

Three Wheeler Rides - Yes they had three wheelers back when we were kids and we would go on rides together. She never wanted to drive it up hills and I never wanted to bring it down hills so we made a good riding team!

Wrestling - Anyone that has an older sister or brother has probably taken a few thumps. We used to get into arguments usually because of me being a little brat. Of course she would pin me down on the ground and of course I could not move. I would get back up and for some reason think I would get the upper hand only to get put right back down again. She pretty much showed me who the boss was early on.

Audra Trips - We would go to Audra all the time in the summer to go swimming and have picnics. One time we had taken KFC down and she dropped the bucket in Audra and away it went. We always did laugh about that one!

Nintendo Games/Mike Moore - One of her early boyfriends Mike Moore must have been trying to impress her because he gave me and my cousin around 50 Nintendo games which was the greatest ever back then!

Maryland Trips - She would later move to Maryland and start selling Aflac, but still made time to come back and take me out to her home in Maryland on my spring and summer breaks. These were probably some of the best times in my entire life. It was the first real time that I got out of WV and saw some other areas. We would go to the Baltimore inner harbor, a comedy factory, fishing, the beach, shopping and so much more. One time we took a boat out and went to some restaurant where you park your boat and go and eat! Another place was a giant ship that was turned into a restaurant. Another place we would go was the 404 restaurant and play Keno (which I always lost at) and shoot pool and enjoy a great burger! She was doing really well in MD and we had lots of fun. My cousin and I had went out and she was just getting a really nice swimming pool put in. We also went to assateague island and saw where they had horses on the beach. Overall our MD trips were great and still to this day a big part of my lifetime trips.

Kincheloe Home - She would later move back from MD after being home sick. We continued to do a lot of stuff at her home back here. I would go out and cut her grass all the time. She had a nice grill and fire pit setup and we would have a lot of good times here as well. She loved to cook and always had something going on. She also must have had a million DVDs so we had plenty to do. She also loved fireworks and would go up to PA and get truck loads full and put on a great show every year. Of course she would always make sure she took my order and picked me up some as well.

Outer Banks, NC - When my future wife first started dating and were just starting out my sister had rented an awesome ocean front vacation home for a few weeks and invited us to come down for a while. We packed up and went down and had a great time with her and boyfriend Joe at the time. She took us out to the place where you can take your vehicle out on the beach which was a pretty cool experience.

As adults she would always call me and talk about whatever and just needed a friend to vent to at times. We always got along and had a special bond. Our last conversation she had not been feeling very well and after a little talk she said I do not mean to be rude honey, but I am going to go and told me she loved me very much as she always did. Of course looking back I never thought this would have been our last conversation and is still hard to think about.

Looking back over our lifetime together it's hard to write about every little thing, but these were certainly some of the memories that have stuck with me to this day that I wanted to post up. Until we see each other again in heaven I love you very much Bridget.

Bridget McGinnis